Day 40: Egra – We Visited the SDO Office for a Demo

Drone Yatra 2022

Day 40: Egra – We Visited the SDO Office for a Demo

We have had many government officials and ministers visit our demonstrations and see the drone in action. They all have been actively involved since even they see the value we are bringing to the farmers. Even today, we visited the SDO office for a one-off demonstration as many farmers are actively connected with them and hence it is a good platform to bring in more farmers to showcase the drone to them.

Welcome to Day 3 and the final day in West Bengal before we move southwards to Telangana. Our destination for today is the village of Egra where we will be conducting the demonstration on a paddy field. There were over 100 farmers who attended the demonstration eagerly. We reached the destination, set up and went over the briefing and then proceeded with the demonstration.

In the post demo Q&A an interesting question popped up, that if a farmer is at a different location, and his farm is located elsewhere where he wants to avail the drone spray request, how can he do that? We explained to him how the process works, and also how Syngenta’s new Cropwise Grower app can help with the booking. When the service is available in his region, any farmer can easily book a spray service and avail it using the application from any corner of the globe. Post this we moved to the SDO office for a special demonstration. There was good amount of media coverage too for this demonstration.

We reached the SDO office and completed the demonstration where the SDO had a lot of questions about how the entire operation will work and how farmers can avail it. We cleared all the queries and had a hearty interaction with the SDO, post which we moved ahead. We have come to an end of the West Bengal leg of the Drone Yatra. We now move to Telangana for the next leg. Stay tuned!