Day 39: Burdwan – Empowering the Small Land Holders

Drone Yatra 2022

It is always fun to work with the little guy, empower them to achieve something great. When we set out to our journey, our aim was also similar. Help the small land holders by empowering them with technology so that they can also reap great rewards and make their lives easier. Guess we did what we set out to.

Welcome to day 2 in West Bengal. Today we are headed to the Burdwan region, covering two villages, Mahaprobhu and Adra. Both the fields today are of paddy since it is the one of the largest grown crops in West Bengal. We reached Mahaprobhu first, set up the drone and completed the demonstration. Later during the Q&A, many farmers were interested in the drones but were worried if they were to procure them, and considering they are small land holders, how much value would it be?

We put their worries to rest by giving them a fair comparison about how they do not need to invest in procuring the drones, but Syngenta will be giving them a service for which they would pay fees. Also, the amount of money they invest now in traditional and conventional spray methods, in comparison they would still be saving on money and effort with the drones. With this we set out to our next field in Burdwan, located in Adra.

We reached Adra and completed our demonstration, where the farmers in the region also had similar queries. It was quite a relief for them to know that their lives will get easier and they do not have to spend a fortune to avail the service.

We now move to Egra for Day 3 and final day in West Bengal as we then move south towards Telangana. Stay tuned!