Day 36: Lucknow – There is No Initial Cost; There is No Burden

Drone Yatra 2022

The last thing we want to do is burden the farmer more. We are bringing in the Drone spray service so that the farmers do not need to bear any financial stress nor any physical or mental stress when working on a farm. It is all the simplify their lives and livelihoods with this. That is one of the primary motives for us in Syngenta when we embarked on the Drone Yatra. That is what we aim to do and that is what we will.

Welcome to Day 4 in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Today we are headed to a small village called Khadra in Lucknow region for our demonstration for the day. It is a special event for us since the Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Hon. Surya Pratap Shahi is to visit us for the demonstration. We reached there and set up, waiting for the minister to arrive, and once did, we started with our briefing and demonstration.

Once done, the Hon. Minister Surya Pratap Shahi addressed the crowd saying how it is great that the drones are here and will make the lives of the farmers easier. Modern technology is supposed to do that and Syngenta is doing a great job bringing this technology for farmers. Using this technology will help make lives easier, but also using this as a service will help get rid of the initial cost burden of the farmers, which is great news for all farmers, especially the small landholding farmers who have to regularly struggle with lack of labor and spend hours in the field getting the sprays done on time.

The farmers were also excited because of the drones, knowing that soon once our services go live in their regions, they will be able to avail the service at reasonable rates and be free from the troubles of spraying their crops on time and also effectively. After all, a happy farmer is happy us!

We now move to Hardoi for our Day 5 in UP. Stay tuned!