PlantSegment : Sugar baby type/Round black. Fruit color: Dark green psudo over blackish green rind. Flesh color: Deep red crispy Flesh. Fruit wt: 8-10 kg. Taste : 11 to 12 brix. Maturity days : 90 to 95 days. Yield : 15-20 mt/acre. Sowing season Oct-Feb. Seed rate – 300 to 350 g/acre

PlantSegment : Asian Type Oblong Fruit. Fruit color: Light green with Dark green strips. Flesh color: Bright red crisp Flesh. Average fruit wt: 10-12 kg weight. Taste : Sweet with TSS 11 to 12%. Yield : Prolific Fruit set & good yield. Medium thick and durable rind good for transportation. Target market – North & East. Recommended seed rate – 300 to 350 gm/acre

Dragon King
PlantGrowth – Vigorous. Crop Maturity- 85-90 Days. Rind Color – Jubilee type(light green with dark green strips). Fruit Shape – Oblong. Fruit Wt. – 8-12 Kg. Internal/ Flesh – Firm deep red and sweet flesh having TSS 10-11% with small and brown seeds inside. Good long distance transportability.

Sugar Queen
PlantSegment : Personal size Oblong Fruit. Fruit color: Black and attractive rind. Flesh color: Bright red crispy Flesh. Av fruit wt: 3-3.5 kg wt. Taste : Sweet, TSS12 to 13%. Yield : Prolific Fruit set & good yield. Maturity days : 75 to 78 days. Good shelf life. Recommended seed rate – 225-250 gm/acre.