Effective solution for a Clean-Green wheat field.

Topik 15 WP is a post emergence selective herbicide for managing Phalaris Minor in Wheat.

Class: Herbicide
Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd
Recommended crops: Wheat
Recommended weeds: Phalaris Minor (Canary Grass)

Effective Control

Against the destruction causing weeds gulli dandi and jangli jaee.

Maintains Soil Health

Takes care of the quality of soil while managing the weeds.

Clean and Green

Clean and green Wheat crop

Safe on crops

Safe on crops other than wheat as well


Right dose: 160 grams per acre
Right time: 3-4 weed leaf stage
Right method: Use Knapsack with Floodjet or Flat fan nozzle

Identify the Weed

Spot the weed and eliminate it from the field for a profitable harvest.


Since the usage of the product is beyond our control, we don't take responsibility for anything other than the quality of the product.
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