Syngenta conducts “WeCare Campaign” for growers of cotton geographies in Gujarat

PR - 2019

Bhavnagar, August 20, 2019: India is one of the largest producers and exporters of cotton in the world and offers livelihood to millions of growers, and Gujarat holds a key position with respect to cotton production in the country. As such, it is imperative that cotton cultivation remains sustainable and beneficial for the growers. Adopting innovations and best practices to ensure both a qualitative and quantitative benefit for cotton growers is equally important. Encouraged by results of its performance last year, Syngenta India has embarked on its unique WeCare campaign for cotton growers in Gujarat at Bhavnagar, Idar, Jamnagar, Daboi and Doraji region of Haryana. Graced by District Agriculture Department Officials the program witnessed huge participation from school students, distributors and retailers. More than 200 farmers also participated at each location.

The two-day “WeCare” Campaign focuses on basic aspects of health and hygiene, safe use and secure storage of crop protection products aimed towards school students so that they can share the learnings with their families. This unique campaign uses a two-way communication approach (school-to-home and home-to-school) which is a distinctive mechanism for reaching out to the farming community.

Dr K C Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta India Ltd said Syngenta India has developed a plethora of short, interesting and novel methods like Akbar Birbal stories for school students as part of the initiative, which highlight the need for safe and responsible use of crop protection products. Children usually recount the events at school to their parents, these engaging stories when retold will reinforce and emphasize the need for safe and responsible use amongst the farming community. While, the learning through these stories will make the kids lifelong ambassadors for safe and responsible use and also leaves a lasting impression on the elders”.

Syngenta also conducted a training program for growers and spraymen emphasizing on safe use and handling of crop protection products, labels on products, health and hygiene and triple rinsing for safe disposal of used and empty containers.

We have launched this programme simultaneously in the all the 06 cotton growing geographies of India that include Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka and Telangana on 19th & 20th August 2019,” Dr Ravi said.

Syngenta India’s field team regularly holds stewardship training sessions for farmers. During these sessions, farmers are instructed to use the Five Golden Rules for Safe Use of Crop Protection Products. After these intensive training sessions, the farmers become mindful about reading and understanding product labels, exercise caution at all times while handling a product, maintain application equipment in good working condition, practice good personal hygiene before, during and after using products as well as usage of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.


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