Support in adversity

India has been affected by natural calamities from time to time. Being an integral part of India’s business ecosystem and being integrally linked to the communities, Syngenta is committed to helping the communities overcome the disruption in their livelihoods caused by such calamities and return to their normal lives.

As part of rehabilitation efforts we have provided sustained support to the people and communities affected by natural calamities and help them rebuild their lives and recover. 

Support during Bihar Floods: In 2017, during the Bihar floods, we extended our support to the displaced. We set up community kitchens in relief camps, we provided the people with two meals a day. More than 2.1 lakh people were provided with food and water during camp days.

Syngenta supported about 200 households during the fire incidents happened in Bihar in 2016.

Supporting Farmers in Adversity: In 2014, farmers in the states of Punjab and Haryana were devastated by an unprecedented white fly attack, which resulted in the destruction of their cotton crop. Crop losses due to this incident were huge and caused widespread distress among farmers.  Syngenta took the lead to support the distressed farmers and held discussions with the Government of Punjab and Haryana.  We supported the most affected small and marginal farmers by providing them with a kit.  The kit contained wheat seeds, procured from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), a spray nozzle and crop protection chemicals which were distributed to 6,300 farmers.  We distributed the kits in 12 districts of Punjab and 4 districts of Haryana as per the schedule issued by both the State Governments.