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Bringing plant potential to life

Plant Plants are medium tall, Robust growth, Versatile hybrid (Suitable for all type of soils & Agro climatic conditions)
Head Medium, Convex, Semierect, uniform, completely filled up to the centre; seed setting very attractive & good eye appeal. Widely adopted, medium duration 95- 105 days.Highest volume of Single hybrid being sold in the market. Good yield potential & 42-43% oil content.Uniform maturity.

Plants are medium tall Suitable for light/medium type of soils.
Head Uniform,flat,Semierect,compact, good seed setting,very good oil content. Short duration 90-95 days.

Plant Plants are medium tall.Stem is splender Suitable for light/medium soils.
Head Flat,compact,Semidropy, uniform very good seed setting & high oil content

Plant Plants are medium tall. Stem is slender& protruding near the head. Suitable for light / medium type of soils, Drupping type.
Head Early medium duration 95-100 days. Good seed setting.Uniform maturity. Good yield oil content potential.Long duration,100-110days. Due to drupping nature bird damage is minimum. Flat,drupy,uniform, medium size, completely filled, compact . 

NK Armoni
Plant Plants are medium tall. Robust growth, Versatile hybrid,Suitable for major soil types & Agro climatic conditions. Medium duration, 100-110days. Medium uniform maturity.High yield potential good oil content.Convex,semierect,compact,uniform, Good eye appeal, Completely filled upto the centre.