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Success stories for rice

India is the second largest producer and consumer of rice in the world, accounting for 22.3% of global production. Production of Rice in 2013-2014, according t0 3rd Advance Estimates is 106.3 million tonnes. West Bengal is the leading state in the production of rice, with 15.20 million tones, which contributes 14.32% share of all India production. West Bengal is followed by Uttar Pradesh contributing 13.85% and Andhra Pradesh with 12.69%

Syngenta has a very strong position in rice in the Indian market and, with the benefit of technologies that we will bring to Indian growers, our position will be further strengthened. We are very committed to expanding our presence in India and our upcoming technologies and products can make a very real difference to the size and quality of our business here. Better genetics are a key to better yields, and new hybrids offer the prospect of enhanced consumer appeal as well as yield. The successful integration of Devgen in 2013 has strengthened our existing offer and pipeline, and has given us as a much larger germplasm base for further hybrid development. Its rice hybrids will bring immediate benefits to growers when brought together with Syngenta’s crop protection portfolio. We have popular hybrids like NK 5251 and Frontline Gold. Syngenta has presence in key states like: Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, West Bengal, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

MoU with PAU: Under its public-private partnership programme, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has signed a MoU with Syngenta India to jointly undertake projects aimed towards sustainable development. Together, PAU and Syngenta’s aim is that of enhancing productivity and quality of farm produce in Punjab by adopting latest technology in key crops like Rice.

Case Study

Award winning grower endorses Syngenta's GroMore protocol

Award winning young grower Jagdeep Singh from Kanoi Village in Sangrur district of Punjab is a progressive farmer who grows crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane, maize and potato. He has been associated with Syngenta for the past eleven years and this relationship has made him tech savvy and a user of latest technologies in the sector like zero tillage, happy seeder, laser land leveler and paddy transplanter. Last year he began using our integrated protocol for rice. This gave him a 20% yield increase and enabled him to get 4 quintal more of better quality produce. Syngenta's integrated solution for rice comprising simple protocols, offers timely advice in the language of the farmer to establish and protect the crop, delivering yield increases of up to 30%. Jagdeep who won Punjab Agricultural University Pump Award for adopting new farm technologies and machinery in agriculture in 2014, acts as a role model for the farming community of his village and the state as well. Seeing the success of Syngenta integrated rice solution in his fields, the farmers of his village have also evinced interest in the same. Jagdeep has pledged never to burn wheat and paddy straw, instead he incorporates these residues into the soil to improve its fertility. For this practice he won PAU's Sardar Dalip Singh Dhaliwal Memorial Award in 2009.


Family vouches for Syngenta’s rice solution

36 year old Gurnam Singh and his wife Harvinder kaur hail from Ladhupur village in Gurdaspur District Punjab and have been using Syngenta products and solutions since 2002. His Father Tara Singh and mother Charanjit, also farmers, are firm believers of Syngenta's protocols. Last year Gurnam Singh used Syngenta's GroMore program on a one acre rice plot and his marketable yield went up by 6 quintals (almost 35%) while his income increased by more than Rs. 7000 /Acre. Gurnam praises two of Syngenta's recently launched products, Chess and Taspa, which he uses as a part of the GroMore solution. “Chess gives us long-lasting protection against all types of plant hoppers and is critical for delivering the potential of rice in the last 60 days.”, said Gurnam. He also used Taspa a systemic fungicide which guarantees effective disease control in rice.


Tech-savvy woman farmer finds success with 'GroMore’


Baldeep Kaur is training to be a chartered accountant and makes for a very unlikely farmer. She and her father Jagjit Singh were attracted to the sector about a decade ago when they got acquainted with Syngenta solutions, and after that there was no looking back for them. Their association with Syngenta also made them ‘tech savvy’ users of latest technologies in agriculture like zero tillage, laser land leveller, micro-irrigation etc.Last year, Baldeep started using Syngenta’s integrated protocol GroMore for fine and superfine varieties of Rice in ten acres of her land. GroMore comprises of simple protocols, offering timely advice in the language of the farmers to establish and protect the crop, delivering yield increase to the tune of up to 30 per cent.In the very first season their farm in Wadala Khurd village of Amritsar District delivered a productivity increase of 20 per cent and Baldeep got 3 quintals more yield of better quality produce. Not satisfied with bringing prosperity to her family alone, Baldeep is now working with and assisting other farmers in the area to help boost the quality and quantity of their harvest. She mainly depends upon the integrated crop solutions suggested by Syngenta for this.Impressed with the efficiency of her farming efforts, Global Nuffield Scholars have also been visiting Baldeep for the last two years…. To see her demonstrate success on the field despite the many problems like labour shortage, depleted soil cover, heavy pest attacks and lack of marketing infrastructure to sell the produce.

Global Nuffield scholars are selected from among the best agriculture professionals of the world. The objective of the scholarship scheme is to encourage the advancement of agriculture and rural development through the promotion of awareness, education and leadership in the agriculture and rural sectors. Punjab has more than 0.1 million growers who use our products and solutions for rice.