STEP Up with Syngenta


 Meeting needs of the present without compromising the future

The concept of sustainability comprises of economic, environmental and social pillars which translates to profits, planet and people.

Our Good Growth Plan and Proactive Stewardship are offers from our Value Chain Collaboration program focusing on efficient use of resources, improving soil health, managing model farms, training growers and workers on safety, helping biodiversity flourish and promoting safe use.



Digital upgrade for the growing need of traceability

Traceability is an absolute necessity rather than a value addition to the food industry.  This gives transparency and builds credibility.

Anantham (digital app from Syngenta) is an offer from our Value Chain Collaboration program.  It helps in efficient record management, data generation and an effective way to control crop growing systems.



Training growers theoretically and practically

The common needs of growers across geographies and crops are knowledge, technology, inputs and their benefit.  Grower training and field demonstrations are offers from our Value Chain Collaboration program.  The growers are educated on insect, pest and diseases through Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Agronomy training is offered with extended teams of value chain partners and through demonstrations on our Good Growth Plan reference farms.



Leading the grower to an enriching tomorrow

Improving productivity and quality of the produce helps improve the farmer’s return on investment in a sustainable way.  The program outcome focuses on meeting the requirement of the value chain partner, creating a win-win situation.

Syngenta Crop Solution is an offer from our Value Chain Collaboration program which includes developing the crop solutions and protocols(seeds, crop protection products and services), delivering the program objectives of safe and sustainable products.