Score, a winning fungicide for complete plant protection. 

Score is a solution to major concerns related to plant growth. It controls multiple diseases in vegetative and reproductive stage of crops. The product ensures the yield is lush green and spotless while keeping a constant check on any kind of fungal growth for long durations. It is a consistent and reliable product that delivers under all circumstances. 

• Class: Fungicide
• Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd.
• Composition: Difenoconazole 25% SC


Apple15 ml/100 litre nbsp; water*
Grapes30 ml/100 litre water*
Hot Pepper, Rice, Cumin50 ml/100 litre water*
Groundnut, Onion, Pomegranate100 ml/100 litre water*

*Dose as approved by CIB


Deep cleansing against fungus | Consistent performance

Complete Protection

Systemic | Preventive & Long-lasting | Fights against multiple diseases

One-shot Solution

Controls multiple diseases on multiple crops.


Effective in any rainfall pattern |Gets absorbed quickly


It is a farmer’s trusted friend that provides quality yield.

Since the usage of the product is beyond our control, we don't take responsibility for anything other than the quality of the product.
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