Safe Use Ambassador Program

The Safe Use Ambassador Program was designed to create a long-term positive impact on the farmers’ wellbeing and health. Keeping up with the established practice of capacity-building initiatives amongst stakeholders, Syngenta focused on agriculture students as ‘Safe Use Ambassadors’ to ensure that messages reach growers and their families.

To build the internal capacity in the organization, Syngenta trained 17 employees from the commercial team and certified them, comprising of Division Marketing Leads, Business Managers, and Territory Managers as Stewardship Master Trainers.

These ambassadors have further trained all our Territory managers and Market Development Officers and equipped them to train the farmers. These trained territory managers and Market Development Officers spend 15 minutes of every farmer meeting to train farmers on safe use practices.

More than 140 students of Agriculture colleges and students under the Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) program were trained as “Safe Use Ambassadors” to disseminate best practices to growers. 

The training programs were organized to educate young agriculture students on best stewardship practices and covered all aspects of the on-farm cycle of handling crop protection products from purchase to safe disposal. 

Students were given certificates along with Stewardship Training Manuals, Stewardship Poster, and Syngenta ‘Safe Use Ambassador’. These students are better equipped to train farmers on Safe Use practices, when they go back to their villages or when they start working with the growers.