Quantis, enhances plant performance and decreases crop loss due to abiotic stress. 

Quantis is a biostimulant containing organic carbon, amino acid as well as micronutrients. Quantis enhances plant performance and reduces yield loss caused by abiotic stress conditions.

The best moments to apply Quantis are before or during physiological phases (e.g. flowering) and suboptimal environment conditions (e.g. drought). Quantis is recommended for Soybean, Cotton, Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Apple, Tea and Blackgram. 

Class: Biostimulant
Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd

What makes Quantis unique:

• Maintains photosynthetic activity
• Delays senescence
• Minimizes adverse effects from abiotic stresses (drought and heat)
• Improves yield


Quantis is most suitable for foliar application. The number of applications & timings depends on the crop. However, application at the time of flowering, fruit setting, ripening are the most important.

For more details on application, refer below table.

CropCrop of ApplicationRecommended Dose
SoybeanSingle application, At the beginning of the reproductive stage2000 ml/ha
Cotton1st application - At square formation, 2nd application at flower initiation1000 ml/ha
RiceAt maximum tillering stage2000 ml/ha
WheatOne application at flag leaf stage1000 ml/ha
SugarcaneOne application at knee high stage1500 ml/ha
Apple1st application - Pink Bud stage, 2nd application - 50% flowering stage1 ml/L water
Tea2 applications at 15 days interval1000 ml/ha
BlackgramOne application at pre flowering stage1500 ml/ha

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