Promoting Rural Prosperity: Syngenta I CLEAN

Syngenta I CLEAN (Inculcating Cleanliness, Learning, Education, Awareness and New Habits) is one of our most innovative sustainable solutions, which has a long-term impact on the socio-economic conditions of local communities in India.

This project addresses the need of small villages and rural communities. It helps strengthen their economies, provides better quality of life, and builds and utilizes available local assets. In slow-growing rural areas local government policies do not bring in immediate prosperity and development. It is here that the I-CLEAN project changes the equation for the rural communities and drives transformation.

Under this project, we have developed and renovated rural vegetable markets in remote villages of Bihar and Karnataka. The first ICLEAN pilot project was launched in Bakri Nazir, a remote Naxal infested village with a population of 300 families in East Champaran Bihar. This project primarily addresses the issue of inadequate primary infrastructure and unsanitary conditions in rural vegetable market (Mandi).

Features of the project:

  • Sheds with raised platforms in rural markets (Haats)
  • Solar lights providing lighting, an added convenience to a large number of villagers who come to purchase vegetables
  • Drinking water to ensures safe and clean water to the growers as well as those who come to the market to purchase vegetables
  • Proper levelling of the entire market area covered with pavers and brick soling. This also helps prevention of water stagnation during rainy season
  • Strategically displayed safety messages all across the market place for consistent messaging on good and safe handling of crop protection products 
  • Entrusting the responsibility to the local committees to ensure cleanliness in the market area, which is supported by our NGO partner.

After the successful implementation of a pilot, 20 more projects have been implemented in Bihar and Karnataka. The impact of the intervention becomes apparent after the completion of the project. The new infrastructure brings in improved access to overall market place, clean water, resolves privacy and safety concerns for women as it provides separate sanitation facilities for men and women, there is a substantial improvement in the hygiene levels at the Mandi. 

So far we have modernized 20 rural markets and have now extended the project to Uttar Pradesh. Overall this intervention has benefitted more than 225 villages and has touched the lives of 225000 villagers across Bihar and Karnataka.