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60 - 65 days
cream white


  •  Tropical season hybrid
  •  Semi erect, vigorous plant with blue green leaves.
  •  Good adaptability in rainy
  •  Moderate to good Xcc tolerance
Shape Compact, Dome Curd


Average curd weight is 600 gm - 750 gm

Recommended states

Recommended states for cultivation under normal agro climatic conditions in:

Kharif MP, GJ, RJ, CG


Suitability of the variety for the Area Agro Climatic Zone

All India, The products depends on the segment like tropical, sub-tropical and temperate.

Selection of the field/land preparation practices

Select medium to sandy soils for cauliflower. It should have excellent drainage history. Soils with good nutrients helps cauliflower cultivation. Land should be levelled and low weed flora history.

Seed Treatment-rate of timing/ chemical

Seeds are treated with Carbendazim 2g + Thiram 2 g per Kg of seeds.

Sowing Time

Summer, Rabi, Kharif as per product segment.

Summer :Tropical - March to May

Kharif :Tropical / Sub-tropical - Mar to June & July to Aug

Rabi : Temperate - Sept to Mid Dec

Seed Rate/ Sowing method- line sowing with row to row and plant to plant distance/ direct sowing

Seed Rate: 100 - 120 g per acre.

Sowing: Sow the seed on nursery. After 21 days, seedling gets ready for transplant.

Spacing: Tropical - 60 x 30 cm, Sub-tropical - 60 x 45 cm, Temperate - 60 x 45 cm

Fertilizer dose with timing

It needs balanced and adequate fertilizer supply.


   - 5 ml + 50 kg SSP + 50 kg mop as basal dose.

   - Apply 50 kg urea just before ridge making.

   - 10 days after transplant apply 100 kg urea.

   - 20 days after transplant apply 50 kg DAP + 50 kg 10:26:26 + 800gm  


30 days after transplant apply 75 kg 10:26:26 + 25 kg urea

Weed Control- Chemicals with doses and timing

Timely weed removal is very important, need based hand weeding can be done to ensure healthy crop.

Diseases & Pest control- Chemicals with doses and timing

In summer use recommended insecticides to control DBM and leaf eating caterpillars

Irrigation Schedule

Cauliflower need optimum irrigation at all stages.

Light soils and summer season need more frequent irrigation. It is advised to have running (light) irrigation in winter and rainy season


Curd maturity depends on product segment. Tropical cauliflower matures at 55- 65 days after planting, sub-tropical and temperate matures at 60-75 and 75-85 days respectively.

Expected Yield of the variety

Average yield: 12 -13 MT Sub-tropical -14-15 MT, Temperate - 16-18 MT per acre.