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Cruiser 70WS (Thiamethoxam)

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CRUISER® 70 WS is rapidly taken up by the imbibing seed, leading to very high concentrations of the compound in the cotyledons.
Cruiser 70 WS is released from the seeds to the soil and is taken up by the roots of the seedling then rapidly trans-located throughout the plant.

  • CRUISER® provides long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of sucking insects. Reliable performance under a wide-range of growing conditions. It results in strong crop vigor to maximize yield potential. CRUISER® Commercially applied by the seed companies to conveniently replace older chemistries for soil & foliar insecticide applications. 
  • Main crops and dose/kilogram of seed:
    • Rice @1.5 gm/kg of seed
    • Wheat @ 1.75 gm/kg of seed
    • Corn  @ 3.5 gm/kg of seed
    • Sunflowers @ 4/gm/kg of seed
    • Cotton @ 4.3 gm/kg of seed
    •  Okra  @ 2.86 gm/kg of seed
    • Tomato @ 6 gm/kg of seed
  • Targets: CRUISER® provides broad-spectrum control of a wide range of early-season sucking and chewing, leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, including Aphids, Green leaf hopper, Thrips, whiteflies, Termite, Jassids, Shootfly. Its high level of systemicity offers long-lasting protection while providing consistent performance.