More crop per drop – Advanced Irrigation technology for farmers

In collaboration with Syngenta Foundation India (SFI) and AgriRain we have initiated hose reel irrigation project for farmers. The hose reel irrigation system consists of an elastic, traction-resistant polyethylene hose that provides higher flow rates for better use on any type of soil. The hydraulic and rewinding system of the machine makes it easy to use and reduces labor interventions, the spraying boom and attached sprinklers lower wastage of water. The system works on low energy, which provides additional savings compared to other conventional systems.

Approximately 2050 farmers are working with identified farmer producer organizations. Partner organizations carry out training in the use of the Hose reel machine and on how to achieve optimum efficiency in the use of water.

We have deployed 52 Hose Reel machines that are functional in Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka