Isabion, enables the plant to increase yield and quality of produce naturally. 

A natural biostimulant, Isabion contains a well-balanced mix with optimal ratio between short chain peptides, long chain peptides and free amino acids. 

Isabion is recommended as an organic biostimulant of roots, leaves, flowers and fruits on every kind of crop: fruit trees - Citrus, Grapes, Mango, Apple, Pomegranate & other fruits; vegetables- Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Cole crops, Potato, Cucurbits, Onion and all leafy vegetables, field crops etc.

Class: Biostimulant
Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd

What makes Isabion unique:

  • It is the world’s purest and the most concentrated product of Amino acids of natural origin.
  • Isabion helps the crops in mitigating the damage done by hail, phytotoxicity, parasites and diseases, drought etc.
  • It is absorbed by the plant immediately on application.
  • Isabion contains unique Amino acids in it which have a specific role for maximizing the plant’s yield potential.

Dosage & Application timing:

  • Isabion is recommended during the active growth phases of the production cycle, in nurseries and in young plantations.
  • Isabion allows flexibility of usage as foliar spray.
  • The number of applications & timings depends on the crop, however application at the time of transplantation, flowering, fruit setting, ripening are the most important.
  • Spray 400 ml/acre in foliar application

Since the usage of the product is beyond our control, we don't take responsibility for anything other than the quality of the product.
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