Hot Pepper

Features Strong tall bushy plant with strong lateral branches. More Red fresh to dry weight ratio having high dry pod yield. Straight & Uniform fruit size. Compact fruit having good long distance transportability. High Pungency (75000-80000 SHU) with more seed content. Good Red dry quality with retention. Good field virus tolerance.
Features Strong, semi erect plant habit. Early with very high red dry yielding capacity. Red Dry value (80-90 ASTA) & Medium Pungent (35000-40000 SHU). Smooth and Good drying quality. Very good FVT with drought tolerance.
Features Strong erect plant. Heavy bearing with close internode distance. Long fruit 12cm length and 1 to 1.2 cms diameter. Light green fruits. Low to medium pungency. Good for long distance transportability. Moderate heat set.
Features Erect & Tall Plants. Early hybrid. Light green, compact and uniform fruits. Good fruit length. Intermediate wrinkles. Good yield potential. Intermediate tolerant to Virus

Features Bushy semi prostate plant. High Yielding with dense bearing. Considerable heat set. Small medium fruit with Strong Pungency with good flavor. Very compact fruit with High Seed content. Suitable for long distance transport.

Gayatri (HH060122)
Features Erect and Tall plant. Good reflushing. Medium light green, inter smooth & compact fruits. Uniform fruit length over the picking. High Yield Potential. Medium Pungency.

Veera (70895)
Features Bushy Plant. Good reflushing. Medium dark green, smooth & compact fruits. Uniform fruit length over the picking. Good setting in cold. High Yield Potential. Good adaptability in North.
Features Green Foliage & Spreading growth habit with semierect plant type. Very good fruit setting. Dark Green fruits with moderate wrinkles. Fruit girth 1cm and length 6-7cms. Green Fruit with high pungency. Good for Green as well as for Red dry.
Features Bushy Plants. Long Medium green, smooth & uniform fruits. Good FVT. Higher yield than local variety. Early hybrids. Close bearing.
Features Tall, bushy strong plant. Fruit length 14-15cms and 1.8 to 2cm girth. Low to medium Pungent. Good red dry color, intermediate wrinkled. Good level of tolerance to sucking pest.
Features Bushy spreading plant. Average fruit size - 11 to 12cm length 1.2 to 1.3cm girth. Uniform fruit size. Medium long, Thick smooth fruits. Light green to attractive dry fruit color. Medium pungency 40000-45000 SHU.
Spicy 20 (Upward type)
Features Strong bushy plant. Upright fruits/Bearing. Compact small fruits (5-7 cm*0.8-1cm). Medium green color. High pungent. Recommended for East market against local Akashi variety
Features Bushy plant with vigorous plant. Very attractive fruit than local kargil variety. 10 -12 days early than local variety. Very compact fruit. High Pungent (80000-90000 SHU). Close bearing. High yield. Good market price than local.
Features Hairy strong bushy vigorous plant. Dual with excellent red dry color value (130-150 ASTA). Med Dark Green color fruit. Fruit size 12 – 13 * 1.3 - 1.4 cm. Medium wrinkled red dry fruit. Pungency 25000-30000 SHU. Field virus Tolerance.

HPH-5531 Features Good plant stand. Medium Green 15*1.2cms fruits and having dense bearing. Early and good yielding. Deep bright red dry with med wrinkled (150-160 ASTA). Medium pungent (35000-40000 SHU). Good Field tolerance.