Graliz Bactriguard

Graliz Bactriguard, single shot solution against major bacterial diseases.  

Prevents economic losses while protecting the growing plant parts.  

Class: Fungicide
Registrant: Syngenta India Pvt. Ltd.
Composition: Kasugamycin 5%+ Copper Oxychloride 45 % WP
Packs Available: 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm and 1kg


Single shot solution for bacterial disease


Prophylactic and curative action


No resistance development


Protect the growing plant parts

What is Graliz?

There are innumerable bacteria that infect crops and cause economic losses of upto 80% in some cases. Graliz Bactriguard which is a broad-spectrum bactericide and one shot solution that uses a mixture of 2 active ingredients of strong proven performance against bacterial diseases. With its Contact & Systemic Action, when Graliz is applied in timely basis to the growing plant in the right dosage, it provides protection from major bacterial diseases like Leaf spots & blights etc.

Major Bacterial Diseases:

Leaf Spots: Brown spots on leaves, oily or water-soaked appearance, surrounded by a yellow halo, visible on both the upper and lower sides of the leaf. These come in several crops such as Grapes and Pomegranate.

Blights: Water-soaked streaks from leaf tips and margins, becoming larger and eventually releasing a milky ooze that dries into yellow droplets Or oily or water-soaked appearance, surrounded by a yellow halo, visible on both the upper and lower sides of the leaf coalesce to become large patches of necrotic tissues. Eg: Bacterial leaf blight of Pomegranate.

Dosage and Target Disease.

CropCommon Name of DiseaseDose (g/%)/ acreRecommendation
PomegranateBacterial Blight, Leaf Spot, Fruit Rot, Anthracnose 0.1% or 1g / L of water

Before flowering 
At fruit setting 
Fruit development

RiceLeaf blast/ Neck blast280 g40-45 DAT & 75-80 DAT (or just at the disease initiation) 
GrapesAnthracnose/ Bacterial leaf spot 300 gAfter April Pruning and 45 Days after forward Pruning Or Just at disease initiation

How to use?

• Always apply Graliz as Prophylactic
• Always apply Graliz at the recommended dosages
• Proper coverage of all parts of the plant is essential to get the best results

• Never apply Graliz when the disease has already done significant damage
• Never under dose the product
• Never mix Graliz with Sulphur and Fertilisers