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Fall armyworm
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Fall Armyworm

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All about Fall Armyworm: An emerging threat to corn

  • check Start early protection to manage the pest effectively
  • check Fall Armyworm can impact corn yields up to 50%, if not managemed timely
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Fall Armyworm damage

Fall Armyworm Damage

Fall Armyworm attacks all parts of the plant at any crop stage
The damage evolves very fast - becoming irreversible
Fall Armyworm yield losses can amount up to 60%
In the initial crop stage, it damages the growing tip of the plant
Caterpillars feed on leaves, which affect the yield

Spodoptera Frugiperda
Spodoptera Frugiperda

How to Identify Fall Armyworm?

  1. Green to pinkish, brown or black color
  2. Inverted Y pattern between the eyes
  3. Trapezoid pattern spots in each body segment

Fall Armyworm Facts

What Growers Say

Corn Grower in India

"We used Fortenza Duo, which gave the crop nice, uniform growth - with no worm in sight!"

-Hanmantrao Kadam, Malshiras Solapur

Corn Farmer in India

"I used Fortenza Duo due to an increased number of Armyworms. It improved the seed's germination capacity and reduced worm incidence."

-Seema Shendge, Pandharpur Solapur

Farmer in corn yield

"Last year I noticed Armyworms in my crop, so I used Fortenza Duo. There was no sign of Armyworm for 15-20 days. It gave excellent results and my maize yielded a healthier crop."

-Sandeep Mane-deshmukh, Akluj Solapur


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