A broad spectrum insecticide against difficult to control lepidopteran insect pests. Evicent is powered with world class, patented technologies like VISIQ™ & Pepite®.

Evicent offers

• Excellent efficacy against difficult lepidopteran insect pests
• VISIQ™; Patented UV technology
• Pepite®; world class formulation technology.
• Available packs:5g, 24g, 60g, 120g

Unique Trans-Ovarial activity

Effective against all life stages of the insect pest including eggs to adults.

VISIQ™ technology

Shields the particles of Evicent from the degrading effect of UV rays, thus providing

Pepite® formulation technology

Evicent is granular, but behaves like liquid when mixed with water.

Smart protection in Corn

• Recommended dose: 30-32g per acre with 200 lts of water
• Target pests: Fall army worm
• Time of application: First spray@ 20-25 Days after sowing, second spray@ 40-45 days after sowing

Smart protection in Chillies

• Recommended dose: 24g per acre with 200 lts of water
• Target pests: Fruit borers, Thrips Mites
• Time of application: First spray@ 30-35 Days after transplanting, second spray@ 60-65 Days after transplanting....

Smart protection in Cauliflower

• Recommended dosage: 24g per acre with 200 lts of water
• Target pests: Diamond back moth (DBM) fruit borers
• Time of application: First spray @ 20-25 days (Vegetative stage) after transplanting second spray @ 40-45 days (Curd initiation) after transplanting.

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