Features Bicolor segment. Plants: Vigorous vines. Early, High femaleness, Excellent setting. Disease: Good field tolerance to DM and Virus. Fruit: 16-18 cm length, Uniform fruits, cylindrical shape. Average fruit weight – 200 to 250 gm. Yield : 18-22 mt/a. Suitable sowing window : Summer/Kharif/Rabi. Seed rate: 300-400g/acre
Features Segment: Protected cultivation which is a Beit Alfa segment. Plants: Vigorous plant, strong vine, broader and dark green leaves. Crop Duration: 90-105 days after sowing. Early , High femaleness, Excellent setting and Cluster bearing (4-5 fruits /cluster). Fruit: Cylindrical, uniform. 15-18 cm in length and weight of 100-175g with smooth skin. Disease: Good field tolerance to DM and Virus. Yield : Approximate 45-60 mt/a. Suitable sowing window : Round the year except during very high (> 38ºC-day) and low temperature (<10ºC day). Seed rate: 11000 seeds per acre.
Rajani (CAIH-30)
Features Good plant vigor, good adaptability. Fruit: 18-20 cm length. Good fruit setting & high yield. Crispy and bitter free Uniform fruits, Disease: Good tolerance to DM. Yield : 18-22 mt/acre.
Features Segment: Bicolor. Plant: Vigorous, strong vines, broad and dark green leaves. Short Internodes, very good bearing on each nodes. Monoecious, Good setting. Early Maturity Hybrid: 38-40 DAS. Good Fruit Pile Uniformity. Av. Fruit Length:20-22cm. Av. Fruit Weight: 260-280Gms. Suitable for Hot and Dry climate. Yield : 20-22 MT/Acre.
Features G Fruit color: White with greenish tint. Fruit length: 14-16 cm. Fruit girth: 4- 4.5 cm. Fruit shape: Cylindrical, straight, crispy. Av. Fruit weight: 140-160 g. Good field tolerance to diseases like DM & virus. Very good fruit setting & high yield potential. Suitable sowing window : Summer/Kharif/Rabi. Major markets – West & Central

Simran:  Features Bicolor segment. Plants: Strong and vigorous vines stay green with dark green foliage. Early maturity hybrid, close bearing and Excellent setting. Disease: Good field tolerance to DM and Virus. Fruit: 18-20 cm length, long cylindrical smooth and compact fruits. Average fruit weight – 175 to 200 gm. Yield : 20-22 MT/Acre. Suitable for Hot and Dry climate for Summer/Kharif/Rabi. Seed rate: 300-400g/acre.