Cruiser Growth Journey – Cashback Campaign Terms & Conditions

  1. Syngenta India Private Limited is conducting a campaign for growers of Bihar for its product – Cruiser, called the “Cruiser Growth Journey.”
  2. The Campaign shall be open from 3rd November 2023 to 3rd December 2023, both days inclusive (“Campaign Period”). This Campaign Period may be changed at the discretion of Syngenta India Private Limited without giving any prior intimation in this respect.
  3. Participants are required to take part in the Video submission contest as below:
    • Participant has to purchase Cruiser
    • Scan the QR code on the pack and submit the mobile number
    • He will receive an SMS with link to a landing page
    • He will have to submit his video testimonial on landing page by talking about cruiser 
    • He will have to answer the questions in the Landing page
    • He can directly submit his entry as well by coming to campaign landing page 
    • Participant will have to retain the original purchase bill and receipt
    • Participant, if shortlisted, will receive a verification call
    • Post verification he will get an Cashback link to avail an instant cash reward
  4. By participating in this Campaign, you agree to abide by all these and other applicable terms and conditions. Syngenta India Private Limited reserves its right to change, modify and/or alter these terms and conditions, anytime, without assigning any reasons thereto and / or without any prior intimation in this respect.
  5. Eligibility: This campaign is only applicable for the corn growers of Bihar. To participate in the campaign, a grower in the state of Bihar who has scanned the QR code or received the SMS from Syngenta India Private Limited needs to buy Cruiser (50 ml / 150 gm SKU), scan the QR Code on the pack, submit his video testimonial on the landing page to participate in the Video submission contest.
  6. This scheme is only applicable on the purchase of Cruiser of sizes 50 ml / 150 ml retail packs. Cashback will be for those who have successfully submitted the video and entered the right mobile number in all the sections and answered the questions. 
  7. Cruiser will be available without this cashback scheme as well.
  8. Cashback: Eligible participants will receive a notification if they have been picked up as the lucky contestant in the contest and will be eligible for reward (cashback) upon the successful submission of their video as per the terms defined.
  9. Syngenta India Private Limited will not entertain any request/s of encashing the reward in any other form. Syngenta India Private Limited, however, at its sole discretion, may modify the reward terms due to various reasons.
  10. The campaign has no linkages/correlation with the price of Cruiser.
  11. The reward recipients will be announced on a weekly basis and will be chosen based purely on a draw for the users who have successfully submitted their video and completed the final verification.
  12. The reward offer is non-transferable and non-encashable.
  13. The recipient claiming the reward must provide the original bill and identity proof.
  14. Syngenta India Private Limited neither assumes any liability nor provides any guarantee regarding the reward offer.
  15. The recipient/s shall be liable and responsible to bear and pay all Income tax, Government Levy, Duty, Cess, or by whatever name called, on the reward amount.
  16. Any Employee of Syngenta India Private Limited and its channel partners and / or their relatives will not be eligible to participate in this Scheme.
  17. Syngenta India Private Limited shall not entertain any dispute/s regarding this Campaign.
  18. Syngenta India Private Limited has all the rights to modify/ withdraw /change terms and conditions for the Campaign, without prior information.
  19. The right of choosing the process of reward distribution will be that of Syngenta India Private Limited.
  20. Syngenta India Private Limited shall not entertain complaints about this campaign.
  21. Reward recipients need to ensure they receive their rewards within the stipulated time frame.
  22. The Courts at Pune shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that may arise from this Campaign.
  23. Syngenta India Private Limited has the right to use the photograph of reward recipients for promotional purposes.