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Company History

In its present form, Syngenta is a young company. But it stems from an industrial tradition going back almost 250 years. We are proud of that heritage, and of the many milestones en route to today's leading position worldwide. Tomorrow starts by building on them further.






Syngenta India launches its new Go-To-Market strategy to enrich our grower engagements, boost our customers’ profitability and enhance our customer focus.

Syngenta learning centres showcasing integrated crop solutions to farmers set up in various states of the country







Four new products, Chess, Alika, Taspa and Folio Gold, launched for the Indian market like.








Syngenta announces The Good Growth Plan. Its six commitments to address the global food security challenge have specific, ambitious and measurable targets that focus on boosting resource efficiency, rejuvenating ecosystems and strengthening rural communities







Integration and implementation of the ICS strategy.

GroMore strategy to address the pain points of rice growers launched in collaboration with Punjab Agriculture University.

Syngenta announces the proposed acquisition of Devgen, a global leader in hybrid rice and RNAi technology. The transaction is subsequently completed in early 2013.





Launch of our ICS (Integrated Crop Solution) strategy. Our world leading Crop Protection portfolio and our broad Seeds platform combined to develop a fully integrated offer on a global crop basis.


MoU with Punjab Agricultural University renewed. PAU and Syngenta have a singular aim, that of enhancing productivity and quality of farm produce in Punjab by adopting latest technology in key crops.





Syngenta India completes ten years in existence.

Com NK-6304 launched.





Company records growth on various parameters – new products, new markets, new initiatives, more recognition.


ERIJAN - a herbicide for rice and ISABION - first ever crop health product introduced this year.

Tomato - TO 1195 & TO 485, Corn - NK 6607 launched by Syngenta Seeds.





Syngenta refreshed brand launched internally, leveraging external market strengths.

POLO a highly effective insecticide for control of white flies on cotton was launched.

Rice seeds- 6302, 6301 launched by Syngenta Seeds.

MoU with Punjab Agriculture University signed to jointly undertake projects aimed towards sustainable development.



Syngenta shares de-listed from Mumbai stock exchange following successful open offer by Syngenta AG.

Ridomil Gold an effective solution for downy mildew & late blights introduced.

Substantial capital investment for seed processing units at two locations, boosting already buoyant seeds business.

Tomato - 1389, Okra - OH 597, Watermelon – Dragon King & Sugar Queen, Sunflower - Sun bred 207 & NK - Armoni, Corn - NK 30 launched by Syngenta Seeds.

Syngenta Foundation India launched.



Global R & T centre inaugurated at Goa. The only Chemistry Research Facility outside Europe for Syngenta. Also the only KILO Lab for Syngenta in the world.

Amistar, another star molecule, launched in India, within six months of global launch, excellent response from F&V growers.

Cauliflower - Suhasini and Rice - 5251, 5017 launched by Syngenta Seeds.




Syngenta Board approves formation of Syngenta Foundation India, to help farmers adapt to newer ways of agricultural production and improve yields.

Successful restructuring of businesses - SBU structures formed in Crop Protection -company on growth path -February, 2005.

A farmer service center along with crop cafeteria under the brand “Syngenta Krishi Shakti” launched at Manchar in Western Maharashtra to give technical solutions to farmer problem.

PROCLAIM for control of caterpillars & sucking pests & CIGNA for control of DBM in cole crops introduced.

Cauliflower - Kimaya & Tetris and Cabbage - BC 300 launched by Syngenta Seeds.



Tomato Abhinav, Hot Pepper - HPH 12, Bittergaurd -BGH-106,107 launched by Syngenta Seeds.



Post successful merger, the Company decides to realign business units.

First buyback offer to Indian shareholders. Syngenta stake increased from 51 % to 84%.

Corn NK 6240, Rice Royal Bhog, 3325 launched by Syngenta Seeds.

PEGASUS, a new insecticide for control of whiteflies on vegetables introduced.



Syngenta, in its pursuit for offering only the best chemistries to the growers, discontinued manufacturing of the fast selling Dimecron Phosphamidon) and Nuvacron (Monocrotofos)

ACTARA the first product of the new chemistry, Neonecotine, launched. Welcomed by progressive farmers



SCORE 1st new molecule, a broad spectrum fungicide launched.

Rice-Sahyadri launched by Syngenta Seeds.

First AGM, as a listed company, was held. First dividend offered was 20%

The consolidation of the agri-business showed good market acceptance, sales on upswing.



Syngenta India listed on Mumbai stock exchange. First Board Meeting held and major appointments announced.

Syngenta AG formed by merging of the agri- businesses of Novartis & Astra Zeneca in April.

Cabbage-Qusito, Tomato-Avinash 2, Cauliflower-Serrano, Capsicum-lndra, Sunflower-Sun bred 212 & 275 launched by Syngenta Seeds.