Locks BPH, saves Rice field

Chess is a modern insecticide, which provides powerful control against Rice plant hoppers. It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. With it's unique 3-way action, Chess paralyses the insect's mouth, legs and the hind legs.    

Class: Insecticide
Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd
Composition: PYMETROZINE (50% WG)
Available packs: 1 Kg, 500 g, 250 g, 120 g

Prophylactic usage

For the control of BPH in Rice fields, prophylactic usage of Chess is recommended.

Mode of action

Paralyses hind legs, withdrawal from feeding & prevention of further egg laying.

Effect on insect

Due to the 3-way action of Chess, the insect starves to death and falls down.

Why and when?

Hopper burn caused by BPH is a major problem for Rice growers across the world. The use of Chess for the control of BPH is sincerely recommended to stop losses.
Application window: 2 rounds of Chess are highly recommended for complete protection.
Recommended dose: 120 gms / acre in 200 litres of water.

Since the usage of the product is beyond our control, we don't take responsibility for anything other than the quality of the product.
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