Day 21: Bhilwara, Khanpur, Anta – The Local Government is Getting More Involved

Drone Yatra 2022

When we do something for the betterment of the farmer, and the government body decides to step up in support, is always a good sight for any organization. This what we experienced in our visit to Khanpur for the demonstrations. Welcome to Day 2 of Rajasthan, where we will be covering Bhilwara, Khanpur and Anta, with a very special attendee in Khanpur.

Our journey began in Bhilwara where we arrived at our first location for the demonstration. It was a groundnut farm of one of the lead Syngenta farmers. We are always glad and thankful of our lead farmers who come forward in support of the latest technologies to be demonstrated. We started out with our briefing and the demonstration, post which we had a quick Q&A tackling the basic questions of farmers and then moved out to the second location, Khanpur.

Upon reaching Khanpur, we got a unexpected surprise. The news of us conducting drone demonstrations had reached the Chairman of the local dam in the region, and he decided on being present at the location. This was big for us since he came along with his connects of major farmers in the region. Upon getting to know this update, even the Vidhan Sabha MLA of Khanpur, Narendraji also decided to arrive at the demo location. We had to wait a little for his arrival but he made it there in no time. We conducted the demonstration in Khanpur post which Narendraji had a lot of kind words to say about the entire initiative.

"Never before had a company taken such efforts to make the lives of farmers better. It was always about selling their products and making profits, but never coming to the farmers and educating them about the latest developments in the agriculture technology. Everyone had heard and seen videos on YouTube and other media about the drone that work in agriculture, but today Syngenta came with a drone to show the farmers and experience it live how the drone function, how it helps them and what change can it bring to the lives of farmers."

Post a super successful event, we moved forward to the next and last even for the day in Anta. Anta turned out to be a regular farmer only event where we attended a lot of interesting questions on which all crops the drone can work and if it can work in the harsh heat situations that Rajasthan faces. Syngenta’s drones are capable of operating in a wide temperature and climate bracket making them one of the best in the industry.

After a successful day, we move forward to the next location, Kota for Day 3 in Rajasthan, stay tuned!