Day 14: Semlia Nasar, Sirolia, Vijayganj mandi – A Visit Near the Mandi

Drone Yatra 2022

It is always a great feeling when with every visit you do, something special happens or occurs. Today was something similar. We visited Semlia Nasar, Sirolia and Vijayganj Mandi on our Drone Yatra’s tour to Madhya Pradesh; Welcome to day 3 in Madhya Pradesh.

We generally ensure that our demonstration is attended by the nearest retailer and distributers since they have been our partners in India for a long time. Some of our network operators have had a major impact to Syngenta’s presence and brand value in India. Many a times, they are unable to attend owing to numerous reasons, seasonal buying being in full swing is a major one. Luckily, one of our visits today was near the Mandi, which meant the retailers and distributors and a lot of other farmers were present for the event since it was a quick travel.

Our journey began in Semlia Nasar in the morning, followed by Sirolia in the afternoon. As expected, there was a good turnout, since by now the news of Drone Yatra had reached far and wide, and everyone was interested in watching the drones fly and spray which they all have seen before, but only in videos on their phones. The physical experience of being near the drone is something everyone yearns.

When we reached the Vijayganj Mandi, the crowd there went a bit berserk. We had to deploy additional personnel to control the crowd. The demonstration went by without a hitch, but the crowd was super engaging. The biggest highlight was our retailer and distributor network’s presence who were able to attend the event. They were very curious about how Syngenta planned to deploy the service model and if there was a way for them to be a part of it.

It was a great interaction with everyone present there. We explained to the farmers and our network about how Syngenta plans to roll out operations and how it will work. Understanding the opportunity on offer was a major point for the crowd since farmers saw convenience, the network saw opportunity, while the younger generation present at the location saw probable job opportunity.

Our Drone Yatra moves to Kalukhedi tomorrow. Stay tuned!