Day 1: Manchar – Our First Drone Spray Demonstration a Success

Drone Yatra 2022

After a successful flag-off, our team which included Feroz Sheikh, Susheel Kumar and many others began their journey towards Manchar which was the first destination, located approximately 60 kms from the Pune office. Our team was accompanied by the media too who were curious to see the drone in action and were looking forward to a live demonstration.

Upon reaching the destination, everyone gathered at a central location where our leadership was introduced to the crowd and a few interesting thoughts were exchanged about the entire Drone Yatra. Feroz and Susheel were greeted with the traditional cap and towel welcome, post which everyone proceeded towards the field for the drone demonstration.

The demonstration was a raging success as the media was able to capture a lot of interesting footage of the drone in action. The growers who had also assembled to watch the demonstration were left in awe and were intrigued about the technology that Syngenta showcased for them. They had loads of questions about the drone which our experts were more than happy to answer.

There were a lot of positive impressions from the growers as well as loads of feedback coming in about how the drone technology can be of great help, especially for the large holding growers. They spoke about how the time consumption and lack of labor has had a major impact on their farming operations and this has had a direct impact on their yield over the years. This drone technology is a major boon for them where they can use this to spray their entire crop within minutes as well as stay away from the health issues caused by manual spraying.

After a successful day at Manchar, we move to Narayangaon as the Drone Yatra continues. Stay tuned for all the updates here.