Be a trusted partner for communities around us

Building Mutual Support through Community Engagement - An important area of our CSR is to support the local community in and around our R&D, production, and processing facilities. The seed production villages are also supported with developmental program s under CSR. Overall there are more than 60 villages we have supported with activities in the areas of improving education, drinking water, health, hygiene and sanitation, rural infrastructure, tree plantations, etc.

Under education, the schools are supported with better infrastructure such as building new classrooms, repairing existing facilities, providing benches and desks, interactive classrooms, science laboratories, and library facilities. There are about 28 schools supported so far including a school in Purulia where Syngenta supported for building 10 classrooms. This school mainly caters to children from the tribal community living in the interior villages.

Drinking water is another major initiative under Community Engagement. Water purifying RO plants have been installed in 27 villages so far catering to more than 30000 population. Syngenta continues to support these villages by providing annual maintenance of the RO plants. Two plants in Rajasthan are ‘state of the art’ RO facility with 10 years of operation and maintenance support.  

In a couple of villages, we have provided bus shelters because people in rural areas are more dependent on public transportation. These bus shelters are a boon to the local communities during summers and winters and they also help women feel safe while accessing public transport. 

We regularly undertake tree plantation drives because we believe that it is not just something that should be done; it is instead a necessity and an urgent need. Planting trees is particularly important since it protects our environment from air pollution and global warming. To this end, our volunteers actively lead and organize tree-planting campaigns around Syngenta facilities.