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Language of happiness

Axial is a prestigious post-emergence solution for use against Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop. It gives an efficient and clean harvest, progressive yields, outstanding crop safety, prominent & fast weed kill.

• Class: Herbicide
• Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd
• Recommended crops: Wheat
• Recommended weeds: Phalaris Minor
• Dose: 900 ml / hectare with 300 litres of water / hectare.
• Available packs: 2 ltr & 400 ml

Effective in all weather conditions

Axial gives effective control of Phalaris Minor in all weather conditions.

Powerful chemistry

Gives unrivalled crop safety and has the fastest acting chemistry.

Quickly kills Phalaris Minor

One spray of Axial is all that it takes to control Phalaris Minor in Wheat fields.

Choose Axial, Choose Happiness

Come and join the world of numerous happy Wheat growers with unrivalled crop safety and the fastest acting chemistry.

Right dose: 900 ml / hectare with 300 litres of water / hectare

Right time: 3-5 leaf stage (30-35 days after sowing)

Right method: Tractor mounted / knapsack sprayer - with flat fan / floodjet nozzle


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