Amistar Top

World's best fungicide.

Amistar top is the world’s leading fungicide powered with Proven Amistar® technology, having an effective broad spectrum control.

• Class: Fungicide
• Registrant: Syngenta India Ltd
• Composition Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenoconazole 11.4% SC
• Dose: 200 ml / acre
• Available packs: 1 L, 500 ml, 200 ml

Controls wide range of diseases

Controls wide range of diseases and gives a healthy green flag leaf

Ensures grain conversion

Protects every pollen and ensures its conversion to grains

Ensures higher yields

Ensures more grains per panicle - in turn higher yields.

World's best fungicide powered by Proven Amistar® Technology.

Amistar Top is a broad spectrum and long duration control fungicide which covers a broad range of diseases like yellow rust, powdery mildew, late blight, sheath blight, downey mildew , leaf spots, grey mildews, red rot etc… in crops like Rice, Cotton, Sugarcane & Vegetables.
Crops recommended: Rice, Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Tomato, Hot pepper, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Onion.

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