Spraymen Entrepreneur (SE) Program with Syngenta Foundation India

We have introduced this program in Maharashtra to reduce operator exposure by training the rural youths as Spray men Entrepreneurs (SEs). In this program, the rural youths and some of the existing spray men are trained to take up spraying jobs as a [aid service to the farmers. These SEs will further take 5 each trained spray men and distribute the work during spraying season. These SEs and spray men are also trained to take up other business activities during the off-season.

We have trained and certified more than 200 Spray men entrepreneurs and 990 spray men, also provided spray machines and PPE Kits to SEs. SEs and spray men covered more than 92000 acres. These SEs are supported by trained mentors to groom and improve business opportunities. They also take up additional services such as Crop Insurance, linking farmers with government schemes, banking services. etc. We partnered with Syngenta Foundation and the Krishi Vigynan Kendra ( KVK)