Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Committee

Syngenta India Private Limited CSR Committee

Susheel Kumar

Managing Director


Meenal Maheshwari

Whole Time Director


Dr. Madhvanand Kashid

Whole Time Director

Syngenta Biosciences Pvt Ltd CSR Committee

Syngenta Services Pvt Ltd CSR Committee

Dr. Bhanu Manjunath Narayan

Whole Time Director

Dr. Rajendra Hosmani

Whole time Director


Abhishek Agarwal

Whole time Director


Tarun Bhalla


CSR Policy

Syngenta is guided by the conviction that value creation depends on the successful integration of business, social and environmental performance. Syngenta is committed to promote and maintain high standards of corporate responsibility worldwide in an industry that is essential to global agriculture and food production. The company acts in accordance with its Code of Conduct and its Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, which respect human rights and embrace internationally accepted regulations and the highest scientific standards.

Annual CSR Plan

This is the Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan decided for Syngenta India Private Limited, Syngenta Biosciences Private Limited and Syngenta Services Private Limited to maximum benefit to society.