CSR Commitments & Projects

As a sustainable agriculture company we at Syngenta India are focused on delivering effective solutions to issues impacting rural communities. Our CSR interventions work towards balancing economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social benefits for the community. 

Our CSR vision aims to ‘provide sustainable solutions through partnerships to improve lives’. We believe in engaging with local communities by listening to their concerns, sharing values and helping them to improve their lives. Our ongoing CSR activities help to create a better world for farming communities across the country. Our flagship projects and interventions are located in remote and economically backward areas of the country. Our projects address issues ranging from, poor working conditions for rural vendors, commercial uncertainties, safe water, health and cleanliness, water and soil sustainability, access to infrastructure and modern technology.

Since 2014, we have prioritized our CSR commitments from a socio economic perspective and have taken into account the issues prevalent in India’s rural sector. 

Our CSR Commitments

Promote Rural Prosperity

Rural prosperity is key for improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas. With more than 60% of people living in villages, the backwardness of our rural sector would be a huge challenge to the overall growth of our economy.

Focus areas:

  • Syngenta I-CLEAN - Revamping rural vegetable markets
  • Rural Transformation through VSTF
  • Improve employability of youth
  • Illuminate remote villages -Solar Electrification

Commitments through 2025:

  • 75  rural vegetable markets with basic infrastructure
  • Solar electrification in 500 villages
  • Social Transformation of 30 villages
  • 10000 youth to be trained as Rural Entrepreneurs

Ensure Water & Soil Sustainability

Safety of farmer and farm laborer is becoming an increasingly critical factor for sustainable agriculture in India. Unfortunately, important factors such as health risks in agriculture owing to improper use of pesticides are not given much significance. 

Focus areas:

  • Promote new & advanced irrigation technologies
  • Help farmers to improve soil health
  • Provide safe drinking water in rural villages

Commitments through 2025:

  • 10 thousand farmers to benefit from irrigation and water harvesting projects
  • 100 villages to get safe drinking water
  • Soil Health support to 10000 farmers

Help Farmers stay safe and healthy and support in distress

Safety of farmer and farm laborer is becoming an increasingly critical factor for sustainable agriculture in India. Unfortunately, important factors such as health risks in agriculture owing to improper use of pesticides are not given much significance. Studies have shown that famers spend major part of their income on health care primarily due lack of preventive measures or lack of awareness.  Therefore, the need of the hour is to increase awareness on health and hygiene of rural farmers.

India has also been affected by natural calamities from time to time. Being an integral part of India’s business ecosystem and being integrally linked to the communities, Syngenta is committed to helping the communities overcome the disruption in their livelihoods caused by such calamities and return to their normal lives.

Focus Areas:

  • Demonstrate Syngenta’s ‘commitment to health and safety of the farmers
  • Lend a helping hand to farmers during distress

Commitments through 2025:

  • Health and safety for 5 lakh farmers
  • Mobile health service to 5 lakh people
  • Awareness sessions for 2500 doctors
  • Support farmers in distress

Be a trusted partner to our community

Building Mutual Support through Community Engagement - An important area of our CSR is to support the local community in and around our R&D, production and processing facilities. The seed production villages are also supported with developmental programme s under CSR. Overall there are more than 60 villages we have supported with activities in the areas of improving education, drinking water, health, hygiene and sanitation, rural infrastructure, tree plantations etc.

Focus Areas:

  • Need based Community Engagement (CE) activities in Syngenta operational villages – R&D centers, Seed production villages and processing sites

Commitments through 2025:

  • Syngenta’s Community Engagement Initiatives in 250 villages – Education, Hygiene & Sanitation, Rural Infrastructure, etc

CSR Awards & Recognition

  • 2019 - Zee Business National CSR Award - 2019
  • 2019 - Annual Greentech CSR Gold Award 2019
  • 2019 - ET Now CSR Award 2019 - For Contribution to Swachh Bharat Initiative
  • 2019 - Golden Peacock Special Commendation Award for CSR
  • 2018 - Agrow Awards Finalist --- Best Stewardship Program
  • 2018 - ET Now Award – 2018 - Best Corporate Responsibility Practices
  • 2018 - CSR Leadership Award to Dr. K C Ravi - ET Now CSR Leadership Award
  • 2017 - Asia Best CSR Practices Award. Singapore
  • 2017 - Best Community Development award - 2017 at Global CSR Award
  • 2017 - CSR Leadership Award to Dr. K.C.Ravi
  • 2016 - Responsible business award -  by World CSR Day
  • 2016 - Greentech CSR Gold Award -  by Greentech Foundation.
  • 2015 - CSR Campaign of the year award - 2015 by by Lokmat.
  • 2015 - Agri Business Sector Gold Award --- by Greentech Foundation
  • 2014 - Syngenta Global award for best Community Engagement
  • 2014 - Responsible company of the year award - by World CSR Day
  • 2014 – Best CSR award by Business Goa Magazine