Living up to our commitments

Syngenta In India

Syngenta in India holds a strong and unique position to address the increasing complexity of the challenges farmers face. With our approach of 'think like a grower', we believe in providing farmers with solutions to all his problems whether soil, inputs, weeds or technologies.


Syngenta Foundation India

Syngenta Foundation India (SFI) was established as an independent not-for-profit organization in 2005. From the outset, SFI’s mission was to have small and marginal farmers participate in agricultural development by improving their access to better seeds and other inputs, increasing their knowledge of agronomic practices, establishing ease of access to credit and providing systematic market linkages.

Farmer Success Stories

Millions of farmers have benefited by using our technologies which boost productivity.

Corporate Responsibility

We make a positive contribution to our society through our CSR projects.

The Good Growth Plan

The Good Growth Plan is particularly relevant to India as agriculture is the mainstay of the region’s economy.

How we measure The Good Growth Plan

Information for Investors

All the information that investors want to know.


Professional Pest Management