Driving Pre Season Campaigns

WECARE Campaign is a first of its kind cross-functional collaboration that was launched in key cotton geographies of Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, North India, and Karnataka covering farmers, farmworkers, and school students on Health and Hygiene, Stewardship, and Application Technology practices. 

The main objective of the WeCare campaign is to create awareness on stewardship and use of PPE in young minds (farmers’ children), farmers, and farm laborers

The 2-Day campaign included programs to teach basic (health &) hygiene and stewardship in schools, demonstrations of Best practice on Syngenta reference farms, (pre-season awareness ) sessions for growers on (stewardship), application technology, and (free) maintenance camps to help growers calibrate and repair their (spray) application equipment. The campaign reached over 4,268 (school students- farmer’s children), 3,127 farmers/farm laborers, and a broader public through extensive national media coverage.