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Hot Pepper

Features : Bushy Plants Early hybrids Close bearing
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Bullet (HPH-4968)

Hot Pepper

Features : Bushy plant with vigorous plant High Pungent (80000-90000 SHU} Close bearing High yield
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Features:  Roots can stay in the soil for long period after maturity  Better leaf disease tolerance  Sowing window
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Devsena 88

Hot Pepper

Features : High Yield Virus tolerant - Moderate Compact & glossy fruits Uniform fruit length over picking
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Hot Pepper

Features : Bushy plants habit with high vigor High yield potential Excellent re-flushing character Thin skin,
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Hot Pepper

Features : Strong bushy vigorous plant Dual purpose hybrid with excellent red dry color value {130-150 ASTA)
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Hot Pepper

Features : Erect and High Vigor plants Better setting in Cold Early Picking High Pungency (78000 SHU) Higher Yield
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Hot Pepper

Features : Strong tall bushy plant with strong lateral branches Compact fruit having good long distance
hph1900 thumb


Hot Pepper

Features : Strong erect plant Heavy bearing with close internodal distance Low to medium pungency Good for long
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Hot Pepper

Features : Robust and erect plant habit Excellent plant vigour Long and thick fruits Low Pungency (15000 SHU)
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Hot Pepper

Features : Good plant stand Early and good yielding Medium pungent (35000-40000 SHU) Deep bright red dry with med
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Hot Pepper

Features : Bushy plant with good plant vigour Higher Yield Early hybrid Quick drying Medium Pungency (35000 SHU)
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Ojaswi (HPH-017)

Hot Pepper

Features : Very good fruit setting Green Fruit with high pungency
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Hot Pepper

Features : Early Maturity Excellent fruit setting & High Yield Pungency : Very Low Uniform & attractive
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Red Rise (HPH-5380)

Hot Pepper

Features : High colour value  Pungency : Medium Uniform fruit length over the picking Dual purpose use (Green
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Hot Pepper

Features : Strong, semi erect plant habit Excellent re-flushing character Red Dry color value {80-90 ASTA) &