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Irresistible Sweetcorn

New Product Introductions
Sugar Duo

​We launched the new generation, dual-color sweetcorn, in India in 2021. People love it, especially kids. Keep reading to know about this fantastic hybrid. Some of our farmers harvested the new sweetcorn in October 2021. Our team took some cobs to the malls in the Bangalore market to experience the first-hand thoughts of the consumers. While the kids would stop and stare at the carts attracted to the bright yellow and pearl white cobs, parents were interested to learn about the science behind the dual-color in the sweetcornSome kids would hold on to the cob with both hands and take handsome bites, loving and enjoying each bite.


This kid right here in the picture went on to sing, “East or west, Sugar Duo is best!” holding her second cob! 



The kernels on the cob are very soft and sweet. The sweetcorn kernels have good digestibility. It is suitable for people of all ages. Look at the pretty yellow and pearl white kernels. For our growers, Sugar Duo has been a great introduction in the fresh corn consumption segment. The variety has excellent tip filling so that consumers can relish the sweet juicy kernel till the tip of the cob. And all the goodness of the cob is protected by the dark green husk cover. The husk cover helps with long-distance transportation of the cobs. The plant is strong and reaches an 8ft average plant height. Planting happens in April-June. Cobs are ready to be harvested in 80-85 days and kids can have them on their breakfast table or as evening snacks in the next 30-45 days.  





The Value Chain Team and South Karnataka Team conducted Sugar Duo consumer marketing activities extensively in Star Bazar Stores (TATA Group) of Bangalore City during mid of Oct-21. The team kept the cobs with branded stickers of Sugar Duo in the stores. These are the first of its kind of Consumer Marketing activities conducted by Syngenta Veg Seeds India. The team gave samples to taste to each consumer at the stores at Star Bazar and noted their information to collect feedback later. These activities are helping to establish a new segment within the fresh cob consumption market as Sugar Duo is sweeter and softer than any other sweetcorn available in the market at present. Consumers can enjoy this sweeter sweetcorn without having to worry about the grains sticking in their teeth. The team collected feedback from 300 consumers who tasted the sweetcorn. More than 90% of consumers echoed the sweetness, softness, and deliciousness of the Sugar Duo. Some older people also gave positive feedback on the cob and how easy it was to experience sweetcorn again. Some consumers boiled and roasted the sweetcorn cobs and were happy with the taste.



This variety is new in the market and is new for the growers. The establishment needs interaction between the team, the value chain partners, and the growers to help understand the importance of the variety and the acceptance in the market. The team is conducting various training with growers and helping them understand the technicalities for growing the crop. The team is also meeting the value chain partners to establish a better channel for the Sugar Duo. The objective is to position Sugar Duo as a premium European Sweetcorn. “The Softy European Sweetcorn” the tagline of Sugar Duo brings the feeling of the attractiveness of a softy on a cone, with the pearl white and golden color grains in the cob adding excitement to the feel.





The Marketing and Value Chain Team strategically focuses on establishing a new trend in the sweetcorn consumption pattern. They are positioning and segmentizing the new hybrid differently to the Indian Consumers by offering desirable and innovative traits available internationally in the hybrid that will be suitable for their consumption needs and taste buds.

In the coming days, the Value Chain Team will be focusing on converting the sweetcorn trading process to a Per Piece transaction instead of Per Kgs of the transaction. The objective is to provide better value to growers and value chain partners, thus delivering value across the value chain and providing a win-win opportunity and business for all. By establishing Sugar Duo, Syngenta again mark’s its rank as an innovator and market differentiator in the vegetable and food sector by re-inventing the market space, consumer satisfaction, and profitability to growers.